A Pole shot five people in a building in the northwest

A Pole shot five people in a building in the northwest

66-year-old Krzysztof Marek shot five people on flats at 6700 West Irving Park Road on Saturday afternoon. All the victims are his neighbors. Krzysztof Marek was arrested on Saturday and charged on Monday. & Nbsp;

Krzysztof Marek entered the neighbors' apartment, where four people ate dinner at the table, killing everyone. Then he went to the apartment above and fired at Jolanta Topolska. & Nbsp;

Among those shot are a 65-year-old woman, a 61-year-old man, a woman over 30 and a man over 40. Their names will be made public after notifying the family.

Natalia Derevyanny, spokeswoman for Cook County's coroner's office, said one of the victims was Tsvetanka Kostadinova, but she did not disclose her age. Chicago ABC7 television reported that the victims were immigrants from Poland and Bulgaria.

The neighbors admitted that he had problems with aggression. Two months before the Saturday shooting, the police were called to this apartment building because Marek attacked his son, shot on Saturday, Jolanta Topolska. He was about to hit him in the face. Then the police were called in. However, he was not arrested in connection with this August 3 incident.

A woman living in a neighboring building said that about half a year ago his behavior had changed radically. "He didn't look normal," she added, asking for anonymity.

The court files found journalists from the Chicago Sun-Times show that the financial situation of Krzysztof Mark has deteriorated in recent years. Police said he was a retired construction worker, but Plocniknik said he was previously employed as a truck driver.

In January 2017, he was sued by Discover Bank, which sought to recover over $ 18,000 of the credit card debt. He declared bankruptcy in September. In his petition, he reported that he received $ 1,387 monthly in Social Security benefits and his monthly expenses were $ 1,390.

At the time of filing for bankruptcy, his debt to the IRS was $ 24,000 and $ 61,000 to various credit card companies. Mark claimed in his filed documents that his annual income fell sharply in the years preceding his petition. In 2015, he earned almost $ 50,000, and the next year fell to $ 30,000. In turn, from January to September 2017 from Social Security he received $ 12,483.

Regional court figures show that Krzysztof Marek lost his flat, valued at nearly $ 100,000, to the bank two months after he declared bankruptcy. The case is still pending.

Saturday's shooting was the first in several years in Chicago, in which five people were shot in one incident. In December 2016, four people were shot while at home in the Fernwood District in the far south. About a year later, the fifth victim, a woman who was seriously injured, died of her injuries.

In September 2017, four people - three men and a woman - were shot in the Brighton Park district in the south. These killings were gang counts mainly in Brighton Park and the nearby Back of Yards district.

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