Bosses explain shocking Chicago Med [SPOILER] exits

Bosses explain shocking Chicago Med [SPOILER] exits

Fans believed they would not see any of the actors in season five. Everything changed when it was announced that Donnell would return to complete his story at the premiere of the fifth year.

The surprises did not stop there. Kuhling also reappeared in the chapter Never Going Back To Normal. The pair continued investigating the death of Connn's father, Donnell's character.

However, Dr. Latham warned that an insulin contamination would hand over the identity of the real killer. That was when Ava, Kuhling's character, surrendered. The character couldn't take the blame and committed suicide after explaining what she had done.

“There was a general feeling that Connor's story was coming to an end. It was difficult to keep increasing. Dick Wolf likes to put new characters and keep the series alive. That was what helped in the decision. Everyone loves Colin and Norma, but it was the feeling of, 'Let's make some changes'. That was what gave us a satisfactory outcome ”, guaranteed showrunner Andrew Schneider.

“We talked about the ending of these stories last year and what we had to do in this debut was to speed up. From the moment Ava had this personality disorder, she was doing terrible things. We knew that it would not have a good ending ”, completed the chief Diane Frolov.

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