Goal Ovechkin and pass Kuznetsov and Orlov helped “Washington” defeat “Chicago”

Goal Ovechkin and pass Kuznetsov and Orlov helped “Washington” defeat “Chicago” There are no important competitions tomorrow. Check all events in the Match Center
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Goal Ovechkin and pass Kuznetsov and Orlov helped “Washington” defeat “Chicago”
October 21, 2019 04:48
Hockey / NHL

Washington Capitals won the NHL regular season against Chicago Blackhawks. The meeting took place at the United Center stadium and ended with a score of 5: 3 in favor of the guests.

Russian forward of “Washington” Alexander Ovechkin scored 1 goal. Thus, the Russian scored 10th point in the NHL season (6 + 4). Forward Evgeni Kuznetsov was noted for an assist. Guest defender Dmitry Orlov also chalked up an assist.

This victory was the third in a row for Washington. “Chicago”, in turn, suffered the first defeat in the last two meetings.

In the next NHL regular season match, Washington will face Calgary Flames and Chicago will play against Vegas Golden Knights.

In a parallel meeting, the Winnipeg Jets beat Edmonton Oilers 1-0 B. The defender of Winnipeg Dmitry Kulikov spent 19 minutes and 17 seconds on the court and was not marked by effective actions.

October 21, 2019, Monday. 02:00 Moscow time

0: 1 Oshi (Kuznetsov) - 09:25 '1: 1 Kadzhula (Nyulander, Carpenter) - 28:25' 1: 2 Daud (Hagelin) - 29:53 '1: 3 Ovechkin (Carlson, Kempny) - 43: 52 '2: 3 Kubalik (Saad, Kempf) - 46:05' 3: 3 Kane (Nyulander) - 49:58 '3: 4 Wilson (Hagelin, Eller) - 51:47' 3: 5 Eller (Orlov) - 59:10 '

October 21, 2019, Monday. 02:00 Moscow time
Ovechkin scored 10th point in the NHL season, scoring Chicago
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