In Chicago, in the heart of the “crime capital”

In Chicago, in the heart of the “crime capital”

The city of Al Capone, which is also that of Barack Obama, remains one of the most violent in the United States: in 2018, Chicago still totaled more murders than Los Angeles and New York combined.

By staging a false assault allegedly racist and homophobic in late January, American actor Jussie Smollett stirred Chicago and angered the police. City police chief Eddie Johnson, also African-American, spared him in the media. “Smollett paid $ 3,500 to mount the attack and drag the reputation of Chicago into the mud,” he said at a press conference. This publicity stunt is a scar that Chicago doesn’t deserve. ”

The “Windy City” did not need this masquerade. The third-largest city in the country with 2.7 million people, it has enough work in store for safety. Chicago is desperately trying to get rid of its reputation as a violent city and its label of “crime capital”. She gets there, but slowly. The theme was unsurprisingly ubiquitous in the mayoral race, whose election took place on February 26 & nbsp; last year.

An exaggerated reputation? When you walk downtown, between the skyscrapers with bold architecture, along Lake Michigan or in the parks, it is rather an impression of serenity that emerges. But the numbers are there: in 2018, 561 homicides were committed in Chicago, up from 660 in 2017 and 780 in 2016, a peak never seen in nineteen years. Violence down, but Chicago totaled more murders last year

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