In Sosnowiec like in Chicago? It is possible! Just drop by this restaurant!

In Sosnowiec like in Chicago? It is possible! Just drop by this restaurant!

Chicago Restaurant in Sosnowiec is a two-level place with a characteristic atmosphere. You do not need a visa to feel the taste of the United States. Just drop by and try the delicious dishes in truly American style.

The "Chicago Bar & Restaurant" restaurant is located at Małachowskiego 26 in Sosnowiec. The two-level place allows you to experience the "American Dream" for yourself for a moment. It's all thanks to the unique decor! The flag of the United States on the wall, characteristic red seats and tables with plaid tablecloths. In addition, a bar that we can associate with American film productions. It all creates a unique atmosphere! Certainly, nobody expects that in the heart of the Basin there may be a piece of the great world from across the ocean!

The restaurant was also designed for closed receptions. That is why there is, among others, a VIP room, i.e. a room separated from the rest of the restaurant, located in the vicinity of the second bar. Other events may also take place inside, such as concerts, performances or a cabaret stand-up. Already this month, plenty of attractions are waiting for guests! On October 23, the venue will host the Jam Session entitled "Chicago Live Music". A week later (October 31), the event entitled "Halloween party", during which participants will see for themselves what real American-style Halloween looks like. Admission to both events is absolutely free!

What is most important, of course, is related to food. The menu in "Chicago" is extremely rich, so that every gourmet can find something for themselves. There is therefore a traditional American seasonal beef steak in many versions. Of course, there are also burgers, which, like pizza in Italy, are a symbol of the cuisine of the United States. You can also choose grilled meats. Guests will also find a number of typical ingredients for overseas kitchens, such as fries and onion rings.

The owners of the "Chicago" restaurant want to repeat the success of the place, which is very popular in Zawiercie. From that place to their second seat they moved a characteristic neon with the name of the restaurant, which now shows the way to the restaurant for all those thirsty for unique, tasty sensations. To learn more about the menu, simply go to the premises website. To do this, go HERE!

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