Jumping Islands around Cape Verde

Jumping Islands around Cape Verde

With tropical palm-laden beaches, stunning mountain hikes and vibrant cultural landscapes, it's not surprising to see & nbsp; Moving forward in Cape Verde and winter sun ranges.

Scattered off the west coast of Africa and with a relatively short flight time from the UK, there are nine islands that have a growing reputation in the African Caribbean, an ideal holiday destination. In some parts, there is a beach paradise with soft white sand beaches that really competes with every island in paradise. Others give you a taste of the adventures of nature and some even let you live like a local. & Nbsp;

Travel the island with the phrase "No stress" and you will not be disappointed wherever you go - but to fully appreciate the mix of unique charms the archipelago has to offer, we recommend choosing an island jumping adventure.

We started our trip with a visit to São Vicente, a 40-minute internal flight from Salis. It was the cultural center of our three main stops, which was impressively prominent in the volcanic landscape.

When camps arrive, you can drive or walk Monte & nbsp; In the blood, the "Green Mountain", which offers a magnificent view of the entire island at a height of 750 meters and 360 degrees.

But the heart of the island's beating is the city of Mindelo, where the vast majority of the population lives, and we were lucky to see the preparations for the February carnival in full swing. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have their visit can expect a colorful spectacle that has united the community and inspired crowds for decades.

From all the bars, restaurants and cafes, traditional music was strewn with bustling markets sparkling with strong aromas of fresh fish, meat, vegetables and spices, while an impromptu street performer brought a lively atmosphere to even the most casual walks. São Vicente is a place to immerse yourself and feel good. & Nbsp;

Most of the African art produced by Cape Verdean is created here and a visit to the local museum gives you the opportunity to visit numerous exhibitions that give the island an exciting blend of colonial style and African traditions in addition to its proud musical heritage. . & nbsp;

The late Cesaria Evora was the most famous resident of Sao Vicente, named Grammy and famous for his vocal style, he is immortal throughout the island and his popularity is encapsulated in a museum.

From the main city beach of Mindelo we could see our next island - & nbsp; Santo Antão & nbsp; Only when you got off the ferry for hours would you be able to appreciate how stunning it was naturally.

A panoramic transfer from the ferry port to a hotel on the other side of our island took us through extensive mountain ranges on the 37km highway, cut across a wide winding turn, offering a new must-see photo op.

With a short steep climb to 1300 m, followed by a long descent down the mountain, we weaved all kinds of tropical plants, fruits and coffee beans and tasted the simple but happy life of the communities living there.

Hiking by all abilities can be different, but for our novice hikers, it was an experience that should not be overlooked, despite the fact that we feel a bit sore after that. & Nbsp;

Our mind hit the fresh & nbsp; eucalyptus & nbsp filling the mountain air and an array of natural herbs growing on the sides of the mountain, used by locals to treat all their lines, while siding with modern medicine. We are particularly surprised to see at least two types of mango trees growing there.

The third and final island of our week-long pilgrimage tour was Sal, which turned out to be the perfect destination for relaxing aching limbs on a rocky mountainous trek in calm clear ocean waters.

The Pedra Lume Salt Crater is well worth a visit and you can bathe and swim in salt water, which, according to legend, slows down the aging process. & Nbsp;

There is also a unique opportunity to go rowing along Sharks Bay, an experience that should not be missed. Take a short walk outside and you will find several lemon sharks that will start circulating your feet. We were promised that they were harmless and our whole tour was one piece.

Our only complaint is that the week was simply not long enough. Temperature in the late 20s was such a welcome therapy that it was a shock to return to freezing. Our first visit to Cape Verde will certainly not be our last.

The tour operator's Cape Verde experience offers a 7-night jump on the Barlavento Trio Island for visiting Sal, São Vicente and Santo Antão from £ 1379 based on two trips. Includes international and domestic flights, all transfers and panoramic transfers, 20kg luggage, tourist visas, access to a UK airport lounge and 7 nights' accommodation including breakfast.

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