Main headlines:

Main headlines:

The election night marked violence in the central and northern parts of the country. There was one death last night. Police killed, shot and beaten people and shot at four lower limbs as police tried to disperse the crowd at around 8 pm at Sao Vicente de Paulo High School in Nacala-Porto, Namola.

In Quelimane (Zambezia), police fired shots to expel voters while awaiting results at the Sangariveira EPC. Voters stayed at the scene, erected barricades to fight police and burned tires.

Also at Quelimane in the Marracua EPC, long queues meant voting did not take place until 11 pm. So far, no results have been published; There are 4,800 voters registered at this school.

Electoral staff refused to post the results to EPC Samora Mache, Mafambis, Dondo, Sofala. A delegate from the Renamo Party (the party polling watcher) demanded that they be posted, but the polling division leader said that while the law requires posting the results, he could only do so under the direction of the STAE director. Police fired shots to disperse the growing crowd.

In many places, results are not posted on the page outside polling stations, as required by law. This makes parallel counting and observer accounts much more difficult. There have also been reports of misconduct and errors in the census, including the failure to seal ballot bags.

Gaza's ghosts don't seem to vote. In Gaza, many offices are not posted, but where they are, they show polling stations with 800 registered people, but only staff and observers voted.

A close examination of the invalid (null) votes in Table 042787 - 03 of the EPC Eduardo Mondlane (Inhassunge, Zambezia) showed that they were in favor of Ossufo Momade but were deliberately invalidated. As shown in the photo, the ballot paper has an X for Mom, but an additional fingerprint has been added for the Amus candidate. This was a common fraud for polling station workers in previous elections, and to prevent this, the law requires that all ink be removed from the polling station before the census begins. However, our correspondent stated that the polling station leader (president) had ink in his pocket and that it had been added to the fingerprint on the Momade ballot paper during the census.

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