NBA market: the Chicago Bulls and Memphis Grizzlies are interested in Iman Shumpert

NBA market: the Chicago Bulls and Memphis Grizzlies are interested in Iman Shumpert

After eight years in the League, the former Knicks, Cavs and Rockets player is a reliable veteran who can be included in a rotation. In addition to being the best free agent left around

At 29 Iman Shumpert already has a good deal of NBA past behind him. The title with LeBron James the highest point, many changed franchises and a career far from over. During the playoffs last year he played important minutes with the Rockets - a signal that several teams have caught, well aware that at the moment on the list of free agents it is difficult to find a better talent than him. For this reason, his season could start already in the next few hours, with Bulls and Grizzlies in the front row and ready to put him under contract - according to what reported by Shams Charania on The Athletic. There are several teams with which he spoke and among these there are Memphis and Chicago, those with whom the speech seems to have gone further. After eight years in the NBA, Shumpert is the & nbsp; & nbsp; classic veteran to add to the rotation and to be able to throw on the parquet when needed (or when it counts). The Bulls already have Zach LaVine and Otto Porter in the squad as owners, but the contribution of the ex Rockets could prove to be anything but negligible behind them. Different speech instead for the Grizzlies, where the various Dillon Brooks and Grayson Allen would eventually see their minutes limited after his arrival. Considerations that all the teams in their own way are making: with the preseason ended, the time has come to deal with the injuries, the players available and the rotation to be fixed. And a profile like Shumpert's can always come in handy. & Nbsp;

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