Nemanja Nikolić leaves Chicago Fire

 Nemanja Nikolić leaves Chicago Fire

Mateusz Różycki 12 Oct 19 19:36 You can read this text in 1 minute FACEBOOK 60 TWITTER E-MAIL COPY LINK Nemanja Nikolić leaves Chicago Fire. The striker said goodbye to the fans on his Facebook profile. The 2019 season was his last at the MLS club. The 31-year-old leaves as the second best scorer in club history. Photo: Nemanja Nikolic back

Hungarian sniper scored 56 goals in 104 games during three MLS seasons. This is the second best result in the history of the Chicago club. Nikolić was ahead of Piotr Nowak, who has 26 hits. Ante Razov (76) scored more goals from Hungary. - People were skeptical about this adventure. This challenge motivated me and I quickly proved that it was the right decision. I managed to maintain the level that I presented in Videoton and Legia. During the first year in Chicago Fire, we reached the playoffs, and I won the shooters classification for the first time in club history. This is the third country and the fourth year in a row when I have scored the most goals in the league. Americans say: Do your job! I think I did my job - wrote Nikolić in farewell to the fans on Facebook.

Hungarian striker for Chicaco Fire came in December 2016. In the first MLS season the athlete won the title of top scorer. What's more, the striker was in the league eleven of the season and appeared in the team of stars with Real Madrid.

A former Legia player does not hide his sympathy for the capital's club. Two years ago, Nikolić appeared at Łazienkowska Street after an invitation from the club. - It's good to go back to the Legia stadium, where I experienced many unforgettable moments and scored many goals - he wrote on his Instagram account.

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