The Ministry of the Interior sent our liaison officer to the United States to investigate the shooting in Chicago

The Ministry of the Interior sent our liaison officer to the United States to investigate the shooting in Chicago Bulgaria is committed to supporting the investigation into the murders of spouses Tsvetanka and Ivaylo and his mother Iskra
11:53 | October 16, 2019 | Editor: Nadezhda Hristova 32 3431
Photo: BTA / Ministry of Interior

The foreign representative of the Ministry of Interior in the USA Georgi Ovcharov and the Consul General of Bulgaria in Chicago Ivan Anchev held a working meeting with Sergeant Perez, leading the investigation of the Chicago police for the shooting of three Bulgarian citizens on Saturday night, the Ministry of Interior announced.

During the meeting, they got acquainted with the current information and details of the investigation. The perpetrator was remanded in custody and charged with five counts of first-degree murder, which under Illinois law means he will be sentenced to five life sentences because there is no death penalty in the state.

The detainee Krzysztof Marek was assigned an official lawyer and on his advice he did not give any statements on the case. According to the leaders of the investigation, the 43-year-old spouses Tsvetanka Kostadinova and Ivaylo Popov, and the 65-year-old mother of the man Iskra Popova & nbsp; became an innocent victim of a mentally unstable man, details were found during searches in his home, which clearly show that the man had persecution mania and is mentally unstable.

Ovcharov clarified that from the very beginning of the incident the case was personally coordinated by the Minister of Interior Mladen Marinov and by his order our liaison officer was sent to Chicago. The aim is to provide full assistance to the local police and protect the interests of Bulgarian citizens living there.

According to him, the Bulgarian side has undertaken to support the investigation by carrying out the necessary inspections through the European services to establish a possible criminal past or similar acts of the perpetrator in Europe.

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