The Playoffs

The Playoffs

Coby White again showed that it can impact his first season in the NBA. The point guard was the highlight of the Chicago Bulls' 111 to 93 victory over the Atlanta Hawks, on Thursday night (17), for the preseason.

White scored 29 points, grabbed six rebounds and converted 6-18 in three shots. Owner Zach LaVine, with 23 points, also had good numbers for the Bulls.

The first quarter of the match was dominated by LaVine. With 12 points, the point guard left the Bulls almost all the time in the lead and closed the partial four points above the Hawks.

The Bulls started the second quarter better and managed to open 11 points in the first half. But Parker scored 11 points and left the Hawks just two below, with just a minute to go.

The last quarter was practically protocol, with reservations on the court and the Hawks without showing any reaction on the scoreboard. Still, White left nine more points and ended the game with 29 and scored his best mark in the league so far.

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