Three Bulgarians were killed in a shooting in Chicago

Three Bulgarians were killed in a shooting in Chicago

Four people, three of them Bulgarian, were shot dead in the US city of Chicago. The killings were committed at the victims' home while they were having dinner.

Police cite a 67-year-old man who works as a construction worker as the killer. He knew the victims and lived in the same apartment complex for 15 years.

On Saturday night he entered their home - three men and one woman. At that time they had dinner. Their neighbor, for an unknown reason, opened fire on them. All four were killed.

Neighbors say there have been a number of complaints against the offender. He had a hard time controlling his anger, often playing loud music and throwing "dirty looks", writes the Chicago Sun Times.

Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva monitored the case and gave instructions to the Consul General of Bulgaria in Chicago. The Consulate is in contact with the local authorities and is ready to provide the necessary assistance. warns that site administrators make three comments that contain obscene words, racial, ethnic, religious, sexual or sexual offenses, as well as Latin comments.

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